Life is indeed a journey,a wonderful journey,God remain the incredible specialist,an incredible doctor,he who sit on the throne but still look at the affairs of the earth,he put all your burdens,on his footstool.undescribable God, unimaginable God, perfect in all he does, powerful,owesome,.God is so so so great,so so so good,thank Jesus for his love,his faithfulness every day,I love the day I feel in love with Jesus,he is all I the journey of Life,the only person that you need is Jesus


God has chosen each one of us for a purpose,if you have not found your purpose,then you are living but you are dead spiritually, finding your purpose is the first area you must deal with and walking in that purpose is another area you must deal with

But you must be connected to God before finding that your purpose

I pray that the Lord open your eyes to see and your ear to hear in Jesus name


God bless